Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Green Bay Resch Center Just Steps From Lambeau Field

Every time I take a trip up to Lambeau Field, I am impressed by the area just to the east of Packer country. Not only will you find the Don Hudson Center, you can't miss the Green Bay Resch Center.

Who calls the Resch Center in Green Bay their home? First, you will find the Green Bay Phoenix college basketball team. From there, the Resch Center plays host to concerts. I see only two concerts coming up at the Resch Center. On February 27, Rascal Flatts will perform with Darius Rucker. Martina McBride and Trace Adkins will play on March 27th. Yes, Darius Rucker is a country singer now. I doubt that you will have time to get up to Green Bay today, but The Harlem Globetrotters will be performing there tonight. If you like the Globetrotters, I suggest grabbing a few Bradley Center tickets for their New Year's Eve performances. That's an annual event.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Black Eyed Peas general admission tickets are the best way to get close

This is another big show at the Bradley Center where the main floor is wide open. When it's The Black Eyed Peas Bradley Center show in Milwaukee, the venue will feature an open floor. When I have to stand all night for a show, I don't mind as long as the band can keep me happy.

Bruce Springsteen did a general Admission floor for his show too. That would be a marathon event. I guess that made the tickets on the Bradley Center floor the hardest to move? It's been 14 years with The Peas, so one would think that they will have a great fan base that is more than willing to dance all night in Milwaukee. This time it makes sense. For Bruce, not so much. I expect more of a general admission show at Shank Hall.
It looks like Behind the Front was the first album for the Black Eyed Peas. They took over three years between their latest release and Monkey Business back in 2005. There are three songs on The E.N.D. that are up for Grammys. You have to take advantage of that power, and tour once more. That's just what we see with The Black Eyed Peas Milwaukee show in the spring.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Riverside Theater Show partner at Turner Hall hosts The Residents Feb. 16th

The Residents will perform on February 16th at Turner Hall. This show will certainly be full of audio and visual splendor. The Residents have performed their art/music/craziness since the late 1960's. Nobody knows what the actual performers look like. That mystery makes this band even more enjoyable. I'm more about the art, than unmasking the artist.

I'm also happy to see that this event is not a Riverside Theater show. Turner Hall has a large stage, and the hall itself is small. That will make the event even more spectacular.

For those who have never heard of The Residents, they fancy themselves to be makers of avant-garde music, backed up by a visual show that cannot be described to easily. They have well over fifty albums to their name. These albums are hard to digest, if you don't open your mind and let them pour their liquid craziness into your head.

Some critics have no love for the band, where others certainly "get it." Those that follow the movements of The Residents are an intelligent, arty, fringe, group. They bring out the best in we normal humans that understand that music and art are not just what you hear on commercial radio, or see in the most famous of galleries. My favorite album is Mark Of The Mole.

AC DC Milwaukee Bradley Center Show Date is Now April 15th

Hold on to your tickets for AC/DC, because the new show date is April 15th. Those who love to rock will pay their taxes, and drive down to the Bradley Center to see AC/DC. There were worries that this show may never happen. Now, the Aussie/Brit rockers will ring in the spring with a show that is sure to shake the BC.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jacob Jones on Electric Western Records Coming to Wisconsin in a Wicked 1984 RV

Jacob Jones is coming to Wisconsin next week. If I weren’t booked up with the usual holiday mess, I would take a trip over to Madison Wisconsin to catch this soulful country singer. He's at the Dry Bean on December 9th, and the Reptile Palace in Oshkosh on December 10th. Jones is backed up by Electric Western Records. The label is out of Nashville, and it seems like they know how to treat their artists. They keep it simple: Promote, believe in the artists, and bring the music to your ears.
Jones is promoting his disk Love and War. The first track, I Know How It Feels, hits me hard. Slow as the tempo is, this song has some kind of feel that tells me Mr. Jones knows what he’s doing. “We all get old, we all get sold.” Yes Jacob I know that’s true. That line stuck in my head for a while, and it brought a smile to my face. One thing I like to do is predict the next line of a slow tune. With I Know How It Feels, I was wrong every time. That’s a good thing. Who wants to listen to rhymes that you can predict one measure ahead of the next? Not me.
Lay Your Money Down almost turned into one of those songs that makes you think it’s going in one direction but turns before you get there. I like turns, and that takes me to track number three, Let This Train Take You Down.
It starts with soft, padded drums. Jacob’s vocals are pushed forward but not too close as to have me pushing back. The simplicity of this song is quite appealing. By simple, I mean to say that as the melody comes forward, it only serves to compliment the lines sung by Mr. Jones. Before you know it, you are on that rolling train heading somewhere fast on a hot railroad track.
In the title track Love and War, the instrumental accompaniment that backs up Jacob on this song acts as a crystalline bond. The melody sparkles between the sorrowful words he weaves. The battle of Love and War is understandably deep into the disk. You need a bit of everything Jacob gives you before he brings you to Love and War.

Which song brought a smile to my face? Rows of Dead Houses. Yes, the lyrics may convey some sadness, but the way that they are delivered makes me feel hopeful. It’s as if I’m just passing though. I don’t live there, I’m just an observer, and happy to be headed home. Crushing pennies on the train tracks, the air, the coffee, nights spent together, they are all in the past. “I came home to you, but you’re not here.” If that doesn’t bring a mental picture to your mind, you belong in one of those dead houses he sings about.
Hurricane Sam has something of a carnival feel with its banjo, booming and rolling drums, along with deep-in-the woods storytelling. The story is about a man named Sam who worked hard only to find his girl doing bad things while he was away. The melody is what carries the day in this song. She got what she deserved. The sorrowful horn bleating above the tune keeps things in perspective. Hurricane Sam did a bad thing, but enjoy this rollicking tune.
If I wasn’t so terribly in love with my wife, I Wish You Knew would have deeper meaning for me. As it stands, I can only listen as a man with a solid chick. To those of you who lost their love, this one is will pull it out of you. “Even if home for you and me are two different things” tells you all you need to know. Jacob Jones is rambling around the country in a 25 year old RV right now. He will be easy to spot in that 80's behemoth.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lemon Lounge hosts Binky Tunny show December 3rd in Milwaukee

I know this is a short notice post, but you might want to head on down to Lemon Lounge on Oakland Avenue in Milwaukee. Lemon Lounge is right next to the Miramar Theater, which is across the street from the best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Milwaukee. Whoa, that's a wild way to give you directions to the Binky Tunny show.

Anyway, Binky Tunny has their new disk available. The disk is aptly titled Black Sheep Chronicles. It's all about love, love lost, keeping your man in check, using a gun if necessary to keep your man in check, the wants and needs of any modern rock and roll woman, and more! That's also a wild way to describe the Binky Tunny CD, but hey, this is my blog.

Ok, to recap, Lemon Lounge, Binky Tunny disk titled Black Sheep Chronicles, Miramar Theater, Middle Eastern Restaurant, Milwaukee night out. Woo!