Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AC/DC Milwaukee Show, Will It Happen?

Will the AC/DC Milwaukee Show ever take place? I went to the official AC/DC website to see if there were any hints. Their last news update was five days ago. If I look at the upcoming tour dates, I can see that they play one show in Sao Paulo, then take three days off before playing three shows in Buenos Aires. The big "hole" in their schedule is between December 7th, and January 28. Will the band play their makeup Milwaukee AC/DC show at that time? I have my doubts. There is simply not enough time to announce the new date.

My guess is that the band will play a Milwaukee show in the summer of 2010. I see that they have a rescheduled date for their Tacoma show. That's going to happen in August of 2010. I have to think that they will honor the other missed show dates somehow. Meanwhile, we AD/DC Milwaukee fans, with Bradley Center tickets in hand are chomping at the bit.

Monday, November 16, 2009

St. Vincent Turner Hall tickets in Hand Already

St. Vincent was on Austin City Limits a few weeks back. They had just played in Milwaukee prior to that television broadcast. I had no idea who they were when they passed through town. If I had, I would have bought Riverside Theater tickets for that show. I thought the typical thoughts when I miss a live show. They might be back next year.
In the case of St. Vincent, the wait won't be too long. They come to Turner Hall on February 17th, and I already have my ticket in hand. After playing their disk Actor about 15 times, I'm a fan of this eclectic band.

What do I like about St. Vincent. First, their videos are stories that don't insult your senses with thousands of 1 second clips. That's got to be the most annoying thing about videos. Second, the songs don't take the usual path. The vocal melodies may follow too closely with the actual notes on the keys or violin, but I'll live with that. Any disk that has more than two great songs on it is surprising. Actor has at least six well written songs. Save Me From What I want, Black Rainbow, Laughing With A Mouth of Blood all satisfy.

If I were to pick the best song on Actor, it would have to be The Party. The story she tells comes to life with the first line. Staying too late at a party, licking the ice cubes, cleaning the ashtrays and fixating on a hole in a t-shirt. It's all so real. Annie Clark doesn't whisper this melody. She just sings it out loud, and I like that very much. See you in February St. Vincent.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Local CD Manufacturing for Wisconsin Bands

I am in the final stages of putting together my band's disk. I got advice from my friend at Beer City Records on who to use for the CD manufacturing. He had a good guy, and a good price, but the company was not local. I wanted to keep this entire thing local. We have a local artist doing the artwork, we recorded it right here in Milwaukee too.
I got an email from my singer. She suggested Sooper Dooper for the CD duplication. Why would I plug these guys? I'm not a paid spokesperson to be sure, I'm just a huge fan after one meeting with the guys at Sooper Dooper. They have low overhead, a great location here in Milwaukee, and a "factory" in Madison.
Chris at Sooper is out there doing this for a living, and plays in Mad Trucker Gone Mad. Who could ask for more? The biggest surprise of the entire meeting was his turn around time. I won't say what he promised on that, but let's just say that it won't take months like some of the giant factories. If you have a small or large CD Duplication job, give them a shout. P.S. Hooray for blog post #200!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bruce Springsteen Milwaukee tickets hard to find

I should not be surprised to find that the Bruce Springsteen Milwaukee tickets are hard to find. The Boss made the entire floor of the BC general admission. Some of his fans, the older ones, don't want to stand all night long. They opted for the reserved seats. That made the floor tickets easy to find for the first month or so. Then all heck broke loose.
Perhaps the announcement that the band was going to play the entire Born To Run album changed the demand? All I know is that Bruce can still sell out an 18,000 capacity Bradley Center. It just took time. Could this be the last tour for Bruce? I doubt it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anthony Bourdain comes to the Riverside Theater Milwaukee

On January 22nd, Anthony Bourdain comes to the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. I know this is not music related, but I have to give a heads up to his fans. I have no idea what he will be doing on stage. Perhaps he will speak from his books, perhaps he will cook for the crowd. Either way, I'll be there.