Friday, June 24, 2011

Local Bands Playing Milwaukee During Summerfest

Some people say that you should never book a gig in Milwaukee when Summerfest is going on. They cite that everyone is at the fest. They aren't going to see your band at a local club, after they have spent all of their cash at Summerfest. I decided to take a look at who is playing some of the local clubs from June 29, to July 9.

I checked with, and I must admit that the June 29 band listing looks about as thin as it can get. If you include the Zoofari gig by 2nd Wave, there are a whopping six gigs listed outside of Summerfest. It's not much better on June 30, with seven shows listed, one being an "after Summerfest party" at Smokin' Joes.

July 2, I see 18 shows listed, but two are acutally Summerfest gig listings, three are private parties, and five are so far from Milwaukee that I have to wonder why they are listed on a site titled "Milwaukee Rocks." Okay, perhaps it's true. Don't book a non Summerfest gig in Milwuakee during the festival run.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In One Wind Skitters To the Midwest on a Touring Breeze

In One Wind sucked me in, twirled me about, stopped me cold, then sent me on my way down the street with all the other leaves and breezy things. This band will challenge you with stirring lyrics, flute, guitar, drums, double bass, clarinet, and more. I picked Westering as my personal favorite.

They started their tour this past Saturday night, and come to Wisconsin for a weekend of shows. On June 17, the band will perform at the Memorial Union at UW Madison for a 5pm gig. They pick up and haul butt over to the Project Lodge for an 8pm set that same evening. Of course they will be in Milwaukee on the night that I'm in Boston. For those of you not 900 miles away, they will be at the Riverwest Public House for an 8pm show on June 18.

Summerfest July 2 2011 Highlights

summerfest 2011

If I were to pick a single day to hit at least three stages during Summerfest 2011, it might have to be July 2. First stop would be the Cascio Stage for the six pm performance by Testa Rosa. I would think about sticking around for a few songs by The Danglers after that. Then it would be on to The Potawatomi stage for a few songs by Paul Cebar, while I wait for Cowboy Mouth to to headline.

From here, I would have to say that it's worth splitting over to the Harley Stage, just catch the last few songs from Stephen Marley's set. If you aren't into the Marley sound, I would suggest you hustle over to see Loretta Lynn. She's a classic, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. So that's it, July 2, everybody start at Cascio and split off from there, okay?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carl Palmer Drumming His Way to Milwaukee

Carl Palmer

I hate to think about October already, but that's when Carl Palmer will be coming to The Pabst in Milwaukee. He's 61 years old, but still plays drums like a young man. Speaking of young, the two guys playing in his band are young enough to be his sons. They bring a great flavor to ELP songs that have been around for decades. It's instrumental night if you head to the venue. Nobody can take the place of Greg Lake, so why even try?

Palmer is from Handsworth England. Quite a few great musiciains come from that town, including Steve Winwood. I wonder if Winwood and Palmer ever found themselves at the same pub? They are nearly the same age, and both play rock. I'll bet that they did.

Carl Palmer's claim to fame is playing for Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but he also hit the skins for Asia. My favorite story about Palmer is when he ordered up a steel drumset. Not a Caribbean steel drum kit from barrels, but a drum set made out of steel. It weighs over 4000lbs. Ringo Star owns it now.

In 2010, ELP got together to perform at the High Voltage Festival in London. That show may have sparked the flame once again, as there are rumors that the band will once again go on tour. Let's hope so.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Police Teeth Coming to the Midwest This Summer

Police Teeth

Police Teeth is a band based in Seattle, and now on Latest Flame Records. Their new album, titled Awesomer Than The Devil just came out, and the band is hitting the road this summer, heading east. (Is there any other direction that they can go?) I'm playing a few songs from this Police Teeth Bandcamp link, and I must admit that their sound reminds me of a band out of Croatia called Overflow. The sound is something like the late 1990's Euro punk that was being played by support bands on a few of my tours. I suppose that it's okay to reintroduce a sound from 12 years ago. That's nearly a generation between this sound and the original. If you don't believe me, just check the links above.

I suppose that everything has already been written, so why does every band have to pass the "unique test?" They don't, just shut up and enjoy these guys when they come to a town near you.

Police Teeth will be in Milwaukee on June 17.