Sunday, February 18, 2007

Local Music night

I drove to Janesville this weekend to check out some local music. The Back Bar had The Skintones, Binky Tunny (pictured here) and some other band whose name I forgot. The Skintones were tight and fun to watch. They reminded me of Rage Against The Machine in in some ways. Speaking of, I hear that Rage might add tour dates to their reunion tour. Could a Rage Against The Machine show happen in Milwaukee, and would Tickets for Rage be in my price range? I see Rage playing The Marcus Amp. in Milwaukee During Summerfest. Other Summerfest Marcus Amphitheater shows I could easily go to see would be Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. I'll be at work the day that Roger Waters tickets go on sale, so I'm calling Ticket King to get tickets for that show. You never have to wait in line for tickets like the old days. Anyway, to get back to the local music. After The Skintones, Binky Tunny came up and rocked very hard. Binky was shouting out songs for her band to play, and they played them with heart even though the band had NEVER even played certain songs before that moment. Killer show that Binky Tunny, I give them four stars, so you better see them in Milwaukee some time. That's where they are from. By the time I left Janesville it was snowing. A slow drive back to Milwaukee reminded me that I have lots of great plans to see more music. Still no tour date for The Police to play in Milwaukee, but if they do I'm sure it will be at The Bradley Center and Ticket King will be called again for great tickets to that show too.
I'm too old to be waiting in line outside just to get a crappy seat. Besides, those guys at Ticket King are nice enough to tell me where I will be sitting and what side the stage is on, etc. It's worth the time to call them. Ok, I'm blabbing on now. Gotta' go.
Wisconsin Music Man....out.

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