Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tool July 4th at Summerfest

Tool July 4th at Summerfest, will headline at Marcus Amphitheater. "Math rock" is what I heard. My nephew called from Seattle to say that he wants to come to Milwaukee and see Tool play at Summerfest. I may have to slide in and see these guys. If the weather is good, it's kind of nice to hang out at the beer stand above the lawn section at The Marcus Amphitheater just to watch the entire experience. The Tool show may be my "standing around" show. Heck, all it will cost me is the price of one ticket to see Tool at Summerfest. Meanwhile, I'm heading to Heartbreakers to see Binky Tunny tomorrow night. The line up is good, and the strippers hang out in another room. For the ladies who think I'm putting dollar bills in g-strings, please note: No strippers enter the band room unless requested, and half the time they don't bother coming over because music fans aren't interested in wasting money on tits. Every time my wife comes along she has a good time.

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J Kid said...

That lady would be considered a quadruple fisted slober at Lambeau Field!!!