Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eddie Vedder in Milwaukee

Much to my surprise, I didn't see people getting booted out of their seats last night. The most rabid anti ticket reselling musician performed at a venue famous for kicking rules-abiding fans out for the slightest hint of skulduggery. Don't even think about reselling your tickets, or the manager will come down hard on you. I think his life is devoted to peaking around corners, and searching Ebay for the infamous ticket scalper.

Two points: If a show is already sold out, what's the harm of reselling your tickets? The venue made all that they can make from the show. If I refuse to sit in the balcony for a show, then I am going to buy a ticket from a broker or I'm not going to go. The venue owner can cry and stamp his little feet, and throw a temper tantrum, but there are consumers out there who won't spend the money on a lousy seat.

With that, everyone was warned about the scalpers, Eddie Vedder played his show, nobody left before it started, and the venue made plenty of money since it sold out months ago.

History doesn't make something a lawful act, but ticket brokers or ticket services have been around for over two thousand years. The Romans would pay people to get to the coliseum early to sit in a prime seat. Once the rich person came to the venue, the first person would leave after being paid a small sum. Some men would use their slaves to do the sitting. I guess this venue manager is a slave to his theater. He should lighten up and let it go.

Enjoy the show, sit as close as you can, and don't worry about the crabby little man standing by the sound board.

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