Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flurry of Concert Announcements for Riverside Theater

The postings came fast and furiously. The Riverside was touting their fall lineup via email. If you were wishing for a Black Crowes show at a smaller venue, than wish no more. The Black Crowes will be performing on November 7th. Around that same day, Colbie Caillat and Lucinda Williams were also announced.

WMSE Radio Summer Camp is coming up fast. On August 20, The Trusty Knife, Juniper Tar, and The Dim Sums will all perform with Sometimes Sweet Susan. This show is a bargain at 10 bucks.

How often will you see Riverside Theater tickets at that price? Only when a local band has a show I guess. I checked the Riverside Theater Twitter account today. What would a historic venue have to say on Twitter? It's pretty much all tweets starting with the words "Just Announced." Of course, they also have a Facebook and Myspace page.

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