Friday, September 18, 2009

AC DC Coming to the Bradley Center in Milwaukee

On October 14th, The Bradley Center will be shaking to the thunder from down under. AC/DC will bring their current tour to Milwaukee. Bradley Center tickets for that show are bound to sell out. A quick glance at their tour dates reveal that they do sell out the venues they play in. It may take up to the week of the show for the event to sell out, but it will happen.

The Bradley Center is certainly one of the bigger venues on their current tour. I just popped over to the Ticketmaster site, and they only have upper rows in the back of the venue available. There will be a huge walkway on the main floor for this show. The center section is basically gone for this one.

The guys in AC/DC have the craziest accents. When you combine the Aussie, and Scottish background, it's amazing what you come up with. Add a few decades of drinking and you have a slurring mass of a dialect.

My wife likes AC/DC. When she heard about the show coming to the Bradley Center, it didn't interest her in the least. She claims that it will make her sad to see all the aged rockers in the seats. It's a reminder that she is not getting any younger. We're not old, but we are not 21 anymore. What was more amusing was the Amazon package that came to the front door this week. It had three of the classic AC/DC disks inside. She bought them, instead of spending the dough to go to the show.

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