Friday, October 2, 2009

ACDC Bradley Center Show Delayed

Brian Johnson has had some serious stomach problems as of late. They finally got the best of him, and as a result, the Milwaukee show at the Bradley Center has been postphoned. For their age, these guys tour pretty hard. When I look at their tour schedule, I do see days off inbetween four and five show runs, but still, that's enough work to take a toll on the body.

Tickets for that AC/DC show will most likely be honored for the new date. Doctors working Brian Johnson over said that he needs rest. It's not about his throat, it's about his stomach.

As for a local plug, I'm heading down to the Miramar Theater this Saturday night. My wife loves ska music, and she has a patient who plays in the band The Invaders. They play with Mustard Plug, Deals Gone Bad, and Car Full of Midgets. Show starts at 8pm.

I practiced a gig in Bill's studio last month, and on the way out of his space, he played some raw tracks to a rockabilly band he is recording. He used two microphones for the drums and it sounded killer! I have been trying to recreate that sound in my own studio, as best I can. Granted, I only have a pair of Oktava large condenser microphones, but we will see what kind fo sound I can get.

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