Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AC/DC Milwaukee Show, Will It Happen?

Will the AC/DC Milwaukee Show ever take place? I went to the official AC/DC website to see if there were any hints. Their last news update was five days ago. If I look at the upcoming tour dates, I can see that they play one show in Sao Paulo, then take three days off before playing three shows in Buenos Aires. The big "hole" in their schedule is between December 7th, and January 28. Will the band play their makeup Milwaukee AC/DC show at that time? I have my doubts. There is simply not enough time to announce the new date.

My guess is that the band will play a Milwaukee show in the summer of 2010. I see that they have a rescheduled date for their Tacoma show. That's going to happen in August of 2010. I have to think that they will honor the other missed show dates somehow. Meanwhile, we AD/DC Milwaukee fans, with Bradley Center tickets in hand are chomping at the bit.


Unknown said...

Hey! How does one go about getting in touch with you via e-mail? I work for a little ole record label here in Nashville and I'd love to add you to my contacts and put you on the list for some of our bands upcoming Wisconsin gigs.

Hope to hear from ya!
Jess @ Electric Western Records
Nashville, TN

Unknown said...

e-mail me at