Friday, May 14, 2010

Cascio Groove Garage Summerfest 2010 Headliners

As we see the sun for the first time in four days, we think of The Cascio Groove Garage headliners. This oasis of local talent, surrounded by what could be described as a sea of musical acts that range from the up and coming, to "has beens," is one of my favorite spots to rest and relax. The gravel under the bleachers will make your shoes dirty, but it's worth the dust. The stage is still tent-like, but as of last year, they did improve it quite a bit. It's on higher ground, there are more lights, and there is a drum riser, as far as I can recall. The music starts at 1:30 each day, but here are the headline acts.

June 24 Collections of Colonies of Bees

June 25 The Vega Star

June 26 The Wildbirds

June 27 Kid you'll move mountains

June 28 The Etiquette

June 29 John The Savage

June 30 I'm Not A Pilot

July 1 Fable & the World Flat

July 2 Worrier

July 3 The Invaders

July 4 Whiskey Bound

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