Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Milwaukee Metal Scene and Midwest Heshfest 2

Milwaukee does have a metal scene. So many post industrial, somewhat rust belt, Midwestern American cities do. That's not to say that the coastal cities don't also have a metal music scene. They do. In a few weeks J Rileys Bar will play host to an eleven hour stretch of what I can assume is cookie monster vocals, double bass pedal blast beats, and precision guitar playing. It's called Midwest Heshfest 2, and it starts at 3pm on Sept. 4.

16 bands are scheduled to perform. There has to be a back line for an event like this. Ain't no way the drummers will be hauling their crap in and out, one after the other. There will be two stages, so that the music never stops. As soon as one band is done, the next stage will be alive. Okay, there are some breaks between the music, but in order to keep the level of insanity at the highest point, the bands will have to stay on a super tight schedule.

Perhaps these bands are not all from Milwaukee, but I'm confident that the bulk are from the region. And what's up with the 30 minute sets. Nobody gets an hour?

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Milwaukee Rock Music Fan said...

I can't wait to see all the bands. The mayhem will be tasty.