Monday, November 15, 2010

Testa Rosa is a Band that I Would Love to Join

Did you ever listen to a band and think to yourself, "damn, I wish I was in that band." Testa Rosa, a Milwaukee creation is just that band for me. There are no openings in Testa Rosa, because Bill Backes has the job, and he is a well respected drummer in the Milwaukee scene.

I stumbled upon the review of Testa Rosa today, and since that moment I find myself inspired enough to listen to all of their songs on Myspace, tweeted, and now blogged about them. Yes, I'm an old punk drummer, but lush and beautifully constructed pop music sung by a woman is as tasty as as it gets. It's even better when you hear it come from people you know. Yes they have been doing this since 2006, but I didn't stand up and take notice until now.

The three review snippets that Testa Rosa has on their Myspace page sum up my thoughts exactly. What's even better is that Latest Flame records has them on their label. Now it's just a matter of time before they explode into stardom. Yes, I'm gushing. I don't care.


ajm said...

Darn straight they're good! I wished I could join but I'll settle for the gift that is that TR magic. Are they drinking some better water? It's about time pop sounded this good again. Definitely a classic in my playlist.

Unknown said...
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