Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plain White T's Turner Hall Show

Plain White T's
The Plain White T's are coming to the Turner Hall ballroom on January 27. The band started playing basement shows in Lombard Illinois, and went on to find some success with the song Hey There Delilah. They charted pretty high in the US and UK with their next album titled Every Second Counts, but I must admit, I have no idea how any of their songs sound, aside from "Delilah." I stopped listening to commercial radio when I moved my office off of the sales floor at work.

Turner Hall should be a great venue for this band, as it's a weeknight in Milwaukee, in the dead of winter. If 200 people show up, it will still feel like a good sized crowd. If 700 people show up, all the better. These guys played the fest in 2008. That Summerfest show was during their peak in popularity.

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