Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boy Dirt Car Turns 30 at Club Garibaldi

Boy Dirt Car
Boy Dirt Car is coming up on 30. 30 years of industrial sounds coming out of Milwaukee, created by Eric Lunde, Darren Brown, Dan Kubinski and Keith Brammer. Currently, the band includes other members of Milwaukee's music scene, but that's no surprise. The band is like a magnet to those who appreciate the freedom to make noise and experiment musically.

Their anniversary show is tomorrow night at Club Garibaldi's. Opening for the band is Peter J. Woods, The Demix, and Zerobeat. The show starts at 9pm. If you want to get a taste of Boy Dirt Car, they are scheduled to play live at 11am on WMSE the same days as their show, May 26th.

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