Saturday, November 26, 2011

Paul Leim Country Music Drummer who Can be Found Everywhere

Paul Leim

Who is Paul Leim? He's an American born drummer who can be found on more hit albums than pretty much any other drummer around. Leim's work can be found on literally thousands of disks. What does Paul do best? Everything. If I were to add my two cents, he's one of the best "groove" drummers alive today. From country, to rock, to pop, Leim can play it all.

Paul Leim Catalogue

I did a quick search of his catalogue, and one site has him listed on over 425 albums. He's played with Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Roy Orbison, Kenny Chesney, and so many more. His session work takes him to places I could only dream of. On top of that, he's played on movie soundtracks, and on live television. He's truly the man who crossed over to every aspect of music.

I was checking out some of his videos today and one thing that stuck out to me was his comment that he takes 12 snare drums to the recording studio. Once he gets a snare tuned to what he likes it, he keeps it that way, and moves on to another drum if the song calls for a different sound. He plays Yamaha drums, and his Leim signature snare is one of the better snares around.

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