Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Die Kreuzen Reunion May 26 in Milwaukee | Lest We Forget at Turner Hall

Die Kreuzen Reunion

I'm clearly not the first to bring up the Die Kreuzen Reunion show set for May 26 in Milwaukee. There has been quite a bit of press generated already. Basically, the "Lest We Forget" event at Turner Hall was already marked off on my calendar as a must attend event. With the strong lineup of bands getting back together (before Die Kreuzen jumped on board,) who could miss this one? It all started with a Facebook page.

Who is scheduled to perform? Thirteen bands to be exact. It starts at 6pm, and runs just past midnight. Bands like Xposed 4Heads, (3) XCleavers, Tense Experts, Lubricants, Dummy Club, and St. Bernard will take their turn on the Turner Hall stage. In between all of this, I'm sure that there will be chaos and fun, as it's sure to be a reunion of not only bands but long lost friends. Bring a name tag to this one, as some of us have not seen each other in three decades.

For me, I get to see a few bands that were just before my time. The Lubricants came and went just before I got to go to clubs. Judging by the Xposed 4Heads web page, I should look forward to cuts from their cassette titled "Annoying Sh*t in a Bag." I wonder what the value of one of their original bags is now? Okay, perhaps I was old enough to see these guys, but I don't remember running into them when I was in The Crusties.

The Blackholes are famous for songs like Nazis From Outer Space, Blitzkrieg Over Kenosha, and Warren Span. I personally performed with the Blackholes during a one-off fill in gig in Madison. Mark Shurilla is too famous to remember me, as I tried my best to do those songs justice on my punk rock drum kit, but I'll never forget that show. The Barrymore theater was full, and people actually clapped after each song.

Closing the show will be none other than St. Bernard. I don't have link to this band. When I look up St. Bernard, all I get are dog, and church parish sites. They could be four ballerinas playing kazoos for all I know. Tickets for Lest We Forget are going fast, and I'm guessing that it will sell out. See you at Turner Hall!

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