Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reunion Shows Are Funny Things | Who Wants to See Old Rockers Perform?

Milwaukee Reunion Show
It was easy to say no to the offer to play a reunion show in late September of this year.  I suppose that I could have waited a bit before hitting the reply button. I could have mulled it over, but I didn't. We just watched thirteen bands get back together at Turner Hall. How can anyone top that?  The timing of the request could not have been worse for me.  Perhaps it was a "strike while the iron is hot" kind of request, but in my opinion, it seemed like the worst time to announce a "second" event.  I just can't see it happening.  The last one was amazing.  Anything else will be a let down. 

The email that I received from my bass player stated that he was interested in getting together for just such an event, but not on that date.  His idea was that we get paid for our efforts.  It was a nice idea, but does he realize what it took to put together the last two reunions? Breaking even would be a lofty goal.  Making money, a pipe dream.  We did it all just six years ago, and he wasn't the one making all the calls, doing the promotions, handling the logistics, etc.  He just showed up on Sunday mornings to play those same 25 punk songs that we learned back in the mid 1980's, nothing more.
I'm all played out when it comes to reminiscing.  That time has long since passed. If we get back together for one night, anytime in the near future, it will look like we got the itch after seeing so many of our friends do it with such perfection.  We're not perfect.  The last reunion was even further from perfect. When it comes to making music, I think that I'm looking forward from now on. The past is the past.   

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