Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bonnaroo Review Part Two | Outdoor Festivals Can be Great Fun

Bonnaroo 2012 Event
This is part two of my Bonnaroo interview.  My coworker had a great time at the festival this summer.  She says that she's definately going to the 2013 event, and has learned a great deal about some of the most basic of things.  So without further adieu, our "bonnaroo" gal serves up some more answers to my questions.
Your favorite band at Bonnaroo, and why? 

My favorite band was Radiohead who headlined on Friday night. I have been a Radiohead fan since I was in middle school and this was my first time seeing them. It was a very moving experience because I was surrounded by great friends and the music was very powerful to me. One thing I love about big music festivals is it is such a great feeling to be surrounded by so many people who are just as excited to see your favorite band as you are and this was honestly the perfect show. Great lights, great crowd and of course, great music. 
Any surprise show that you found that you really loved, but didn’t expect it to happen?

I was lucky enough to see a few bands that I definitely have started to listen to since I've gotten home. The first one is a group called Battles who are out of New York that play experimental/math rock type music. It was a welcome change of pace that really pumped up the crowd on such a hot afternoon and despite the fact that there aren't really "words' to most of the songs, the crowd was very engaged. Because it was so hot out, it was clear that everyone that was there definitely wanted to see the band so there were good vibes in that crowd. 
Another show that I really enjoyed from a band I hadn't heard of prior to the festival was Mariachi El Bronx, who are actually a hardcore punk band called The Bronx that sometimes play under the alter-ego Mariachi El Bronx. Basically, their music is comprised of punk themes and played to the tune of traditional Mexican mariachi music. It was surprising and very refreshing and will be perfect to listen to throughout the summer.
What one thing do you regret that you didn’t have with you when you got there?

I really wish I would have ponied up the $10 and gone down the water slide, gotten my hair done at the free salon and seen more of Ludacris!  
What would you tell people not to bring to Bonnaroo?

There are different things I would have brought, including more suncreen and swimsuits but nothing I would tell people to not bring, other than illegal drugs and other items of course. If I could do it again, I would have brought a better tent and blow up mattress and also a small grill to cook on. A good shade fly or shade tent to hang out under while you're at your campsite is also CRITICAL. 

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