Thursday, March 15, 2007

John Mayer Summerfest show

John Mayer, the latest addition to the Summerfest line-up will perform on Tuesday 7/3/2007. He was just on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Does he rate as one of the current greats when it comes to guitar players? Personally, I could find about 10 guitar players in Milwaukee alone that could dust him. But could those 10 guitar players draw as many teen-age girls as John Mayer? Hardly. A coworker of mine thinks he's very handsome. That tells you something; the first comment was about his looks, not his chops on guitar. July 3rd is a great date to play Summerfest. The fireworks, the crowds, the other bands that actually have great guitar players in their band all make for a cauldron of fun.

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Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers fan said...

How about the guitar talents of Kirk Hammett of Metallica. I would like to see John Mayer play Master of Puppets.