Monday, March 5, 2007

Roger Waters does Pink Floyd

On July 2nd, I'll be at Summerfest. I'll be going back in time to the 70's when I buy my ticket, sit and listen to Roger Waters playing Dark Side Of The Moon at Summerfest. He's going to play the entire album (yes album, not CD) during the second half of his set. I'm a bit too young to remember when the album came out, but it continues to sell to this day. I have a copy on my IPod, and I have my brother's scratchy album. I remember hearing that album while hanging out on the deck above our garage way back when. I think my parents let me say "bullsh*t" when I sang along, without being scolded. In fact I remember hearing it on AM radio without being bleeped. The Roger Waters show sold out in less than 1/2 hour, so I avoided the lawn seats and bought my tickets at Ticket King. That one was a no brainer. I'm not sitting in the hot setting sun, or the rain, or the wind if it's off the lake.

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