Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rush at Marcus Amphitheater....any takers?

Sales have slowed for Rush tickets at The Marcus Amphitheater on 9/6/07. After checking, I found center section seats still available. A band that was so huge in the 80's is now more worthy of a Milwaukee Theater venue compared to The Marcus Amp.

According to Rush Is A band, some of the new album reviews didn't even get a rating. Is it over for Rush?


Unknown said...

I was at the show last night and there was quite a crowd. It wasn't sold out, but I'm sure the attendance was at least 10k.

Coppertop said...

The sad pathetic thing is that ticket brokers know that Rush is a hot band so they buy out all the tickets at pre-sale time and mark it up at more than 200% knowing there are fans that will fork over the price. However, with technology here... people aren't stupid to try and look for cheaper tickets or get them the same way.