Friday, November 23, 2007

Who would you like to see at...

Do celebrities draw too much attention when they show up at a show? I guess that it depends on the show, the size of the venue, such as a Bradley Center or Rave and how much of a distraction that person may be. I would certainly be distracted if a pro athlete showed up. Consider first their size. Many of them are tall and huge. They might stick out. Say for example, what if Donald Driver of The Green Bay Packers showed up at Points East last Saturday night. He'd be the biggest guy in the club. How does a band compete with that? That's why I'm all for the celebrity zone at a club. They get to relax, and the distractions are few.

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Hugh Jass said...

I remember one time I was at a Junior Wells show in Madison, Wisconsin and I saw Chris Farley. Actually it was in the men's room. We were both standing at our individual urinals making room for more beer. I said to him, "Hey, you're Chris Farley."

He responded by saying, "I think I'm an alcoholic." Turns out he may have been right.