Friday, March 7, 2008

Rilo Kiley at The Pabst Theater

Rilo Kiley comes to Milwaukee on Friday, May 23rd. It's a general admission show, so I'm fighting my way up to the first ten rows for sure. On the CD, Under The Blacklight, you will find the drummer to be playing some interesting hi-hat notes. Two former child actors are in the band: Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett. When I listen to a Rilo Kiley CD, I hear songs that are fashioned to fit Jenny Lewis' vocal range. That's a good thing. We don't want singers trying to be something that they are not. With that, the song Dreamworld is sung by Senntt, as far as I can tell from the liner notes. Another interesting thing I hear on this disk is the bass drum. I have spent many a day in the recording studio, and I would love to know how they managed to capture the bass drum sound on the cd. It feels live, real, and mighty-good. Yes, the "B" side songs come up rather quickly, but that's ok. The world is full of B-side songs.

Jenny Lewis gets more recognition than the rest of the band. That's bound to happen. But when Sennett got his chance to shine, he certainly did. There are lots of guest musicians on this disk. The list includes Jackson Browne.
The Pabst Theater is a great venue for this show. See you at the Pabst on May 23rd.


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Should I know who Rilo Kiley is?

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