Friday, March 21, 2008

Jimmy Buffet on July 19th at Alpine Valley Wisconsin

Parrotheads unite! Has it been one whole year since Jimmy Buffett graced the stage at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin? They will gather in the parking lots. They will drink fruity drinks in his honor. Some will attempt to pace themselves in hopes of seeing only one Jimmy Buffett on stage at Alpine Valley. Double vision is a bad thing when it comes from all the rum you drank in the hot, hot sun of south-central Wisconsin. The pool, made from the back of a man's pick-up truck will surely be full of babes. The vomit will rise, but you must keep it down. Sun burned, rum soaked, and sweaty, you must file into the venue to bow down in parrothead unison. For your god is Jimmy Buffett. Your overlord sings just a tinge off-key, but no matter, he has more cash than the earth has ocean water. You relish the moment, with your espadrilles flecked with mud and grass, and your eyes squinting in the setting sun. Jimmy Buffett plays Alpine Valley July 19th 2008

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