Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summerfest and who's seeing what

My 20 year old nephew wants to see Gnarls Barkley on the Briggs stage. My favorite Milwaukee Bike Messenger is going to see Debbie Harry. My coworker Joe is going to see the Love Monkeys. I can't seem to talk him out of that. My best friend is going to see Zappa plays Zappa, but he will stop at the M and I stage to check out a few songs from Pat Benatar first.

Some of you should check out Guido's Racecar at the tent next to the Marcus entrance on the night of Tim McGraw. There is a problem with that tiny tent. They didn't match style for style. The cowboy hat wearing guys might find Guido's singer visually risible, but their music is a far cry from country. That's not to say that there has to be a match, but when you perform at a tent where the only traffic will be the people going into the Marcus Amp, it wouldn't hurt to play a style that closely matches the fan base. That tent show starts at 9:30, so most of the cowboys will already be in their seats. G.R. will have to pull in their own crowd. With the lineup of veteran Milwaukee talent in that band, Guido's Racecar is the best of the lot at the Cascio tent.

Another coworker wants to check out Mountain on July 4th. I think that they had another hit aside from Mississippi Queen. Before that show, he could check out the Summerfest Strongman Contest at the Sentry Sports Zone.

Playing their annual show is Jackyl. The chainsaw solo will be going strong on the Zippo stage yet again. Lastly, a very close friend said that they would like to see Cheap Trick before one of the members goes to the great beyond. She will have her chance on July 5th.

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