Monday, June 9, 2008

Bradley Center presents "New" Kids on the block

The New Kids On The Block will be performing at the Bradley Center on October 22nd. It all started in 1984, as the casting call went out for talented young men. Maurice Starr acquired Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Danny, and Donny. Well established boy groups had come along years ahead of New Kids On The Block. This assembly was to tap into the spending power of a new generation of preteen girls.

After a few more casting calls, the group was finally formed. Their first album tanked. Their second album nearly tanked, but leave it to Florida to proclaim their love of bubble gum pop. The fans requested their songs in high numbers, and they had a hit. That was followed up by many more hits. They went on to sell millions upon millions of records.

The "Kids" are in their 40's now. I'll bet the Bradley Center Tickets for this show will mostly sell to their 40's fans. This is a reunion tour.

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