Wednesday, September 17, 2008

B52's coming to the Riverside Theater

The B52's played The Palms back in the 1970's. That was an old movie theater-turned club. I was too young to go to that show, but I heard that people were dancing everywhere. Although some of their later works seem to be more like a parody of themselves, they are certainly worthy of a mention.

I found their early works to be like siren songs. I couldn't stop listening to them. They spoke directly to me. At least the cuts on Wild Planet did. The singer in my band loves them too. She will do a karaoke marathon of B52's if given half a chance.

If the band plays the classics, I suggest that you get yourself a ticket and go see this band before it's too late. No, they are not that aged, but you never know who will get sick of it all and walk away from music before too long. They play on October 18th. It's coming up fast.

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