Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bob Dylan not playing the Rave this time.

The fans of Bob Dylan are happy to know that he is not playing at the Rave this time. He's has played there a number of times, and it is just not the best venue for his style and sound.

This time, he's playing in an old theater. That should make the show more acoustically favorable. When the house is full at The Rave, it is still an echo chamber. A co-worker commented on the fact that it is very rare when a band can get a good sound at the Rave.

For an artist like Dylan, I think it's better to have a place where the sound is absorbed by cloth seats, carpets, and an incline that can kill the echo. Dylan's catalogue is so enormous, that one could only guess which songs he will be playing on the night of November 6th.

I also think that most of the folks at the show will be above the age of 40. At least Bob shaved the pencil moustache. That hair thing was not appealing to me. Old guys should not try to pull off the stylish thin mustache. Grow the thing out first, and then see if it works. Sorry for the delay in any posts, I have been very busy doing my real job.

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