Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bad weekend for Wisconsin teams

On a side note, when I didn't go out to see any bands this past weekend, my thoughts drifted over to sports. The weekend where the Brewers lost to the Phillies, the Packers lost, and the Badgers got crushed, gave me pause to think. I took these losses as an opportunity to get to a game for a reasonable price. What would Wisconsin Badgers tickets cost, now that they have lost three big games?

The collegiate atmosphere is so much fun at Madison. The band got punished last week, but they will be at Camp Randall for the next home game. I'll be there too. I just have to get a dose of the college spirit.

College players have such emotion. I suspect that the Badgers will be hungry for a win too. It's homecoming week, but I didn't go to Madison. I stayed closer to home for my degree, but I still feel like I'm welcome when I go to see the Badgers football team.

I will give music the week off. Go Bucky!

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