Thursday, March 26, 2009

Does the Bradley Center Stage Move?

I don't really care that the Jonas Brothers are coming to Milwaukee. Why I'm posting about them is because I overheard a coworker discussing her attempt to purchase tickets with another employee. The Jonas Brothers were selling their Bradley Center Tickets through various sponsorship events. My coworker was trying her best to buy some tickets for her 12 year old daughter. The Jonas Brothers shows do not feature your traditional "end stage" setup. They have built a stage in the center of the venue. That's what they call "in the round." They can optimize all seating if they perform in the round.

Sometimes the center portion of the stage will spin when it is in the round. The world famous, and what some would say, "greatest singer in the world," Celine Dion had a rotating stage.

I don't think that The Jonas Brothers' stage will rotate, but you never know. What was amusing to me was the comment by my coworker. She asked the ticket salesperson "does the stage move?" I could tell that the ticket salesperson on the other end had no idea what she meant. I could also tell that her reply was something like, "No ma'am, stages stay in one place. That would be dangerous."

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Great stuff man. We'll be sure to keep checking in for more.