Monday, March 2, 2009

Miller Park Now a Venue For Concerts

Whoa, it’s freaky! Just a few posts back, I spoke about Miller Park being a concert venue. I talked about what the field conditions would be like after forty-thousand fans trampled the grass, etc. I suppose that we will come to know all about that in due time, because Miller Park management announced that they have partnered with Summerfest president Don Smiley to bring shows to the largest indoor venue in Wisconsin.

As expected, the shows would have to be large events that require weatherproofing. Miller Park can be climate controlled to a certain point, but cannot accommodate events in the winter. It is a rain-or-shine venue to be sure. My mind wanders, as I think about the events that could be held there. The first thing that comes to mind would be the back end of some festival that draws numbers as large as Coachella. The parking lot could hold pre-show events, weather permitting, and the interior of Miller Park could be configured to provide reserved seating and general admission areas on the grass.

When I saw Pink Floyd at County Stadium, I sat near the top of the upper deck. I was as far away from the stage as one could get. I experienced an echo of grand proportions that night. Yes, sound engineers can adjust for p.a. mixing issues, but who wants to be the first band to test out the sound at Miller Park?

This agreement may also come in handy, should it last through the Harley Davidson 110th anniversary rally. It was interesting to see the bands in the Miller Park parking lot, but it would have been better to see them in the park itself.

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