Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spoof Fest Milwaukee 2010

Spoof Fest Milwaukee 2010 is at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee on April 9 and 10. My advance pick for best act is Cyndi Lauper featuring the most laid back drummer in Milwaukee, Mr. Bill Stace.

I was Morrissey two years ago. It was amazing. I had the moves down, but I didn't quite the the voice. Who could blame me. His voice is so very unique. For one time in my musical career, I got the chance to be the front man. I should have done it a long time ago. It was as if it was my first gig. I had butterflies, I messed up songs, I created ear splitting feedback by putting the microphone too close to the monitors. It was fantastic. I'll never forget it.

The next year, I played the drums for "Alice Cooper." Billion Dollar Babies was the song that took the most practice for me. The other songs were so very easy to play. I just had to remember the parts. Billion Dollar Babies was a challenge. Neal Smith played the drums on that song. Thanks Neil for making me work! This year, I'm not playing Spoof Fest. I forgot to hook up with the group of musicians that makes it happen every year. Next time, I'm going to make it on somebody's roster.

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Unknown said...

I cant't wait to see Cindi... I'll be with the D with JB opener on Saturday.