Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tom Petty Summerfest Tickets Might Be An Easy Buy

With the Tom Petty Summerfest tickets in high demand last season, the powers that be found a solution to that by having him play two nights in a row for 2010. I doubt that this is the real reason that Petty gets two nights, it's just that he's so darn popular here in Milwaukee. He loves to play Summerfest and there are rumours that he plans his tour around the date. Tom Petty will be here on June 25 and 26.
Tom Petty's first album came out way back in 1976. The album as self titled, and peaked the U.S. charts at 55. His next album jumped another 20 spots in the charts, and then he hit double platinum with his Damn The Torpedos release in 1979. He released four albums in the 1980's, three of which cracked the top ten. He took a break between 1991 and 1999 then released Echo, which peaked at spot #10. His latest work is titled Mojo, and has yet to chart. As crazy as things can get in the music business, his highest charting single was not a Tom Petty song, but Stop Draggin' My Heart Around with Stevie Nix.

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