Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rush Summerfest 2010 Marcus Amphitheater show

Rush will play Summerfest 2010 at the Marcus Amphitheater. This was the latest announcement for festival fans, and tickets have already gone on sale through a fan club offer. The regular Rush Summerfest tickets on sale will be April 17.

The band played at Summerfest back in 2008. Rush fans had some inkling of the tour stop well ahead of the concert announcement. Some fans just know.
Their tour is titled "Rush time machine tour." They plan to play the album Moving Pictures from start to finish. What songs are popular on that album? Tom Sawyer, Limelight, and YYZ. The band has 30 years of songs to choose from, but playing Moving Pictures will certainly be the highlight of the evening.

As I drummer, people ask me what I think of Neil Peart. Neil is certainly a great drummer. He is nearly robotic in his style. If you want mistake free drumming, look no further than Neil Peart. The Rush Summerfest show is part of his current travels. If you want to read about travel, you can also look to Neil. If you want great lyrics, Peart is your man too. If I were to knock anything about Peart, is his love of Ayn Rand's works.

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