Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Resch Center Star Wars In Concert

resch center tickets
What is this Resch Center Star Wars In Concert all about? I first heard about it at SpoofFest 2010 from my friend Kliff McBurtney. He's a huge fan of Star Wars, and the Wisconsin Renassance Faire. He was all about the Milwaukee tour stop, but this one at the Resch Center is more in line with my day off.
The music of Star Wars is played by a full symphony orchestra, while movie clips play on a giant high definition screen. There is talk of movie props to view before and after the show. There are millions of fans that would love to hear this music played live. There are over 60 dates on this North American tour. Many cities will have two shows to choose from.
The Resch Center Star Wars shows are both on July 3rd. There is even a VIP section for the most rabid fans. Resch Center tickets to the VIP section gets you early admission to the Art and Craft exhibit, refreshements, a laminate, and access to the merchandise without all those other peons pushing you around. I'll bet that the laminate is the most coveted item.

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