Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Make Great Rock and Roll Posters

The gig is fast approaching, and we did all of our digital promotions. We also sent out an email blast. Still, those hardcore fans want something physical, something to arouse the tactile senses. Time to make a great rock and roll poster. But wait, I'm a drummer, not an artist. What do I do?

Hire an Artist to Create a Great Poster

In the 1980's we had Jerry "The Axe" Hammer making our punk rock DIY style posters. Jerry had an attention to detail, even though he only used a Bic pen. Jerry's Work is above.

In the 1990's we hired a popular local Milwaukee artist to do our posters. John Hill is currently putting ink to skin, as well as ink to paper.
On a rare occasion, a band is lucky enough to draw the attention of very generous artists who donate time and supplies, and make a poster just because they appreciate what you do musically. One of the best poster artists working out of Amsterdam made amazing art to promote our mini tour. Yes, Amsterdam is thousands of miles from Wisconsin, but this is 2010, you can get digital files and print here at home.
What's the moral to this blog post. Skip the DIY after you hit your 21st birthday. Hire a pro to make your band look "pro."

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