Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kiss Show Is Flash and Not Much More

Kiss Milwaukee
I'm sorry to all those Kiss fans. The band is just a hollow flash, and not much more. Back when I was a child, a really small child, the band was interesting. I didn't care for them, but they were interesting. Who were these guys? That was the big draw. The music was never really that good, and it just got worse over time. Now, the band that calls itself Kiss has just two original members, and two hired guns.

Yes, there is blood, flash pots, confetti, flying Paul Stanley, fire breathing Gene Simmons, etc. Who wouldn't expect to see the same thing, year in and year out. No matter how many times they tell us that this is their last tour, you know that they are lying to you. What was the best part of the Marcus Amphitheater show? When they handed a check to the Wounded Warrior Project. At least that was honest, and generous. Convincing people to go to Wall Mart to buy their new album was the low point of the night. Wall Mart? Really guys?

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