Monday, February 28, 2011

Recording your Band Rehearsals Every Night

Record your Rehearsal
When my new band gets together we record everything that we play. The band is in the "crawl before you can walk" stage. Any musical part we come up with, no matter how small, could end up as a chorus, or verse. As confident as we are that we will remember that tiny part the next time we get together, we don't trust our memories to chance. We record it. We may hammer a part for a while, then hit the record button, but we always record a part before we move on to the next thing.

Acquiring a good quality digital recorder is no longer a matter of spending big bucks. After all, you simply want to capture the basics, so you can work on the parts later. The last thing that we do before we break for the night is to download the recordings. We each take a copy home and work on the parts before the next rehearsal. A band that cannot devote three nights per week to rehearse would be wise to record everything that they come up with. That way, you can razz your band mate if they fail do prepare for practice.

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