Thursday, February 3, 2011

Riverside Theater Sections and Seating Areas | What's The Best?

Riverside Theater
The Riverside Theater has been around for decades. It survived a major fire, the television revolution, and the demolition ball. The best place to sit at the Riverside Theater depends on what you are viewing.

The Riverside Theater has four sections on the main floor. The balcony also has four sections, and there are 16 box seats in the wings.

The Best Place to Sit at the Riverside Theater

For a concert or comedy, sit past row J, as the venue floor starts to elevate there. Another great spot is the first couple of rows in the balcony. The balcony hangs over around row s on the main floor, so if you are in the first few rows, it’s as if you are sitting around 17 rows from the stage, but elevated.

The box seats in the wings can be nice sometimes, but I don’t like those seats during theatrical performances. Those seats allow you to see the wings of the stage, which can ruin the fantasy of a theatrical production when you see the actors waiting to enter or exit. For concerts, the sound is not the best in those sections, but you do get an unobstructed view of the stage from there.

The orchestra sections to the far left and right at the Riverside Theater do provide adequate views of the stage, but beware of pillars, or obstructions. I enjoyed the sound of a concert when I sat one seat from the right end, in row x.

The balcony extends all the way to row BB, and that can make you feel quite far from the stage. I would rather sit far right or left on the Orchestra level, than find myself in rows W through BB in the center balcony.

Years ago, I sat in the orchestra pit at the Riverside. I don’t know if they still have pit seating, as I haven’t seen it set up in many years. The pit seating is as close as you can get to the stage, but the sound from that area is not so good. You are too close to the stage to hear the p.a. system, and so you may only hear the stage mix. That’s the sound the performers hear, and that may not be optimal for the fan.

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