Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Die Kreuzen to Receive WAMI Hall of Fame Honors

The Wisconsin based band Die Kreuzen will be inducted into the WAMI Hall of Fame this April. Starting in 1981, the band exploded onto the Midwest punk scene. They were armed with a sound that rose above the two-note, rapid fire music that was easily found in the Milwaukee, Madison and Rockford clubs. It was no surprise that they gained a strong following quite quickly. Putting aside their 1982 demo tape, the release of Cows and Beer set the bar high. When Touch and Go records put out their self titled LP, the reviews were quite complimentary. Milwaukee had one hell of a talented band in Die Kreuzen, but they had to hit the road. They spent the next few years turning people on to their sound. Here is a link to their song Hate Me.

The later works showed that they were certainly not going to ride along on their current sound. They continued to grow, even if some fans were hungry for what they played in 1984. When I listen to the sound that came out of the Seattle in 1990, I think back to what Die Kreuzen was doing five years prior. Their influence is well known, and it was an honor to be on the same bill as Die Kreuzen from time to time. Not only are were they a great band, they continue to be stand up guys to this day.

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