Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kings of Leon Take a Break

Kings of Leon Milwaukee

I remember the first time that someone introduced me to the Kings of Leon. He told me that the shows at the Rave in Milwaukee were packed with "hot girls." His comment made me uncomfortable, seeing that we are both married, and I work with his wife. Still, this person does have a pretty good ear for music, so I gave the Kings a look and listen. The first article that I found online described a band that loves to party. They seemed to be pround of their drinking.

Fast forward to 2008, and I'm reading a Kings of Leon interview where their drummer states that they have renounced drugs and "figured out the formula." Not so fast Mr. Followill. The words you spoke do not match the reality that has now come to be. Yes, you said that the hard work you are putting in while you are young is going to enable you to party when you hit your 40's. Your brother had different ideas. The band now has to take a break, and hopefully figure out what to do about the drinking problems. It catches up with you before you know it. I'm not piling on the hate here, I'm just bringing up the past statements of a band that was out of control years ago. You can't just turn it off. It doesn't work that way. Will sobriety come to the brothers and the band? Will that sobriety change their music? That remains to be seen.

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