Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rock the Lakes Evangelical Festival Comes to Milwaukee

Rock the Lakes Festival is coming to Milwaukee. Never heard of it? That's probably because you are not an evangelical christian. This is not your typical rock festival. The bands for this event all sing about their god, every song to be sure. I would like to provide links to these bands, but on the Billy Graham festival website where this event page resides, I'm finding mostly broken links. Is that a message from their god? Does it not want the festival to go on? Is it punishment for Franklin Grahm's bigotry?

Evangelical Rock Bands Bring Hypocrisy to Milwaukee

What bothers me about evangelical religious rock bands? It's their hypocrisy. My wife was the child of an evangelical follower. He would not allow her to listen to rock music, because he claimed that it brainwashed young people. However, when I listen to the bands that are coming to Rock the Lakes, they use every song to "send their message" or "bring the message of Jesus" to the masses. This is the more true form of brainwashing. They pound their evangelical, "leadership training" and "discipleship" into your head, with every note and verse. Guys like Nick Hall speak at these events in hopes of recruiting young children to start prayer groups to schools.
I can listen to a real rock band and find no message other than love, or sadness, or how amazing the world is. If I want to listen to a rock band that sings about the devil, I can do that too. You can't avoid the "message of god" when you go to Rock the Lakes. The brainwashing will begin on August 20, and you will find the evangelicals on Lincoln Memorial Drive in Milwaukee.

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