Monday, May 21, 2007

The Original Family Stone at Summerfest

July 2nd The Original Family Stone will perform at Summerfest. Here is the line up. TENOR SAX Jerry Martini TRUMPET Cynthia Robinson LEAD VOCALS/KEYBOARD Rose Stone KEYBOARD Thomas Tasche Cryer II LEAD VOCALS Fred Ross BASS Blaise Sison LEAD GUITAR Nate Wingfield DRUMS John Mader

Did you see that there is no SLY STONE in this line-up?
I'm sure it will rock and funk, but no Sly? Ouch.
I would have put up a link to the Original Family Stone site, but as of this posting it was down.

I played with a guitar player that had lined up a gig playing for Sly Stone way back when. Unfortunately, Sly had gone AWOL just before the tour. That was sometime in the 80's.

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