Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Black Crowes at Summerfest July 4th

The Black Crowes play the Miller Lite Oasis at Summerfest on July 4th. This is the type of band that you would have seen at Summerfest 1973, had they been old enough to play back then. When I was a kid, the Summerfest line up was certainly diverse, but there were quite a few "rock" bands that fit the Black Crowes format. Ok, perhaps I'm off base since I have seen bands like Buddy Rich, Tina Turner, The Pointer Sisters, The Band, Talas, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Neville Brothers, at Summerfest. There is a reason I mentioned these bands. I would have NEVER gone to a Pointer Sisters concert on purpose, but there they were. I would NEVER have gone to a Tina Turner show, but there she was. So many times, I just drift over to a stage and find it entertaining. That is the heart of Summerfest. You may have a goal to see certain bands, but the most fun is when you walk up to a stage and get blown away by an act that you never would have thought about.

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