Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summerfest fast approaching

Big Gig anyone? This is the time when employees start mulling over their work schedule. The wheeling and dealing begins. Throughout Milwaukee, people are trading vacation days in order to make that particular show. Where else can you see fifty-thousand faces in one spot? Where else can you hear multiple bands, choose your meals from various food vendors, and see all shapes and sizes of humans for a mere $15? Are you the guy who will start partying at noon before going down to see Roger Waters? Will you trade your day off so your co-worker/rabid country music fan can take the entire day to prepare for Toby Keith? Do you have to take your 15 year old nephew to Tool? Do you simply buy a few Summerfest tickets and go down to the Big Gig when the moment strikes you? Don't forget those guys who sit on the rocks by the lake shore. What are they smoking? The cops certainly know that routine after 40 years. In the early 90's I worked three blocks from Summerfest. My goal was to get on that freeway home before the traffic turned to gridlock. In the 80's I would hop on the Freeway flyer and hit the rock stage at least three times over the ten day festival. Whatever your flavor, style, or predilection, Summerfest changes the patterns and lives of many Milwaukeeans. See you there.

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