Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Head On Collision, apply directly to the forehead

I just spent three long days with the band Head On Collision. These metal upstarts from St. Louis just got signed to Beer City Records. Head On Collision is not one of your falsetto crooning, drum trigger using, mush pile of sound bands. They are not your cookie monster growling, bass-guitar-follows-the-lead-guitar, let's all pose with our serious face and shiny long hair type of band either. So what are they? True metal would best describe Head On Collision. From the ashes of the band Very Metal came only one, and that would be Pat McCauley (guitar and vocals). Jason Brooks on drums, Dave Carr on Bass and John Hancock on lead guitar bring the right stuff to this band. I realize that this is not a Wisconsin band, but they just got signed to a Wisconsin based record label, and you will be seeing them play in this state many times in the coming three years. I am not the biggest metal fan. You would find the usual Motorhead, Slayer, and Metallica disks in my collection, but not much more. Three days in Head On Collision's lair certainly educated me. I spent the day observing the drum track sessions, and at night I watched one Youtube video after another of who's good, bad, and bad-ass in the metal world. Why would you care? You have to hear this band to understand why I think that they are worth your time. Their punk roots keep them honest and the band has a desire to lay waste to the posers of metal. When the disk comes out, I'm going to be first in line to pony up the cash.