Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alice Cooper at The Riverside Theater

Poor Alice Cooper. I really liked his theatrical shows. I admired his ability to get off the drugs and alcohol. While surfing for news about Alice Cooper, I came upon this blog interview from a few years back. Sad to say, his interview with Chrenkoff shows that Alice is peering through the looking glass when it comes to the Iraq war. " INTERVIEWER: It doesn't worry you, the false connection that was made between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein, all that stuff that's been shown? ALICE COOPER: No. It doesn't bother me because I honestly think it's all connected." Poor Alice is blind. No, not blind drunk, but as politically blind as a newborn puppy. None the less, he's coming to Milwaukee, and playing the Riverside theater on August 21st.

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Unknown said...

Maybe you need to learn a thing or two from Alice Cooper and take up golf instead of spewing your trash talk on defending OUR country from terrorists! Better yet, feel free to move there if you hate it here! See you at the Riverside!