Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keith Urban at Bradley Center July 26th

Keith Urban's tour vehicles use bio-diesel fuel. That's very green. Keith Urban is GAC's artist of the month for July. Mr. Urban performed at Earth Live last Saturday. I wonder if Ted Nugent would have the stones to admit that the world is getting hotter? Keith Urban's set list from a past tour included: Once in a Lifetime Where the Blacktop Ends Faster Car/All Right Now Raining on Sunday (acoustic, solo) Shine Stupid Boy Walking in Memphis Better Half* Making Memories* You’ll Think of Me* I Told You So* Days Go By I Can’t Stop Loving You Used to the Pain Tonight I Want to Cry Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Me Somebody Like You.

Keith Urban will be seen and heard at Alpine Valley on July 26th. Don't let it be said that I don't cover the country music happenings.


Anonymous said...

Keith Urban was fantastic in Austin and Houston, although I can't say how he was in Wisconsin!!!

Wisconsin Music Man said...

He has yet to play here, but when he does, I'll read the review. I like most country music, aside from Toby Keith. He's too right wing for me.