Thursday, July 5, 2007

Who's hot at Summerfest?

We're one week into Summerfest, and I think it's time to comment on the best, worst, and in between.
Best Marcus Amphitheater show by consensus: Roger Waters. The reviews were good, the show was a mind blowing experience, and Roger didn't disappoint the fans.
For side stage headliners with more to come, my current vote is the old timers Heart.
I saw young and less young checking out Heart and loving it.
Best side stage local band: I have to give it up for Binky Tunny and the Farmland Chokehold.
This year, (their 7th I think) they stripped down to their core band and it made for a solid show.

Their new guitar player Jon Marsh shredded the stage, and the band looked really relaxed. Binky Tunny threw out roses, t-shirts, beef sticks, cheese, candy, blow-up guitars, and chewing gum. No wonder they keep coming back. They know how to please the crowd.

Worst of the fest: I have to save that vote because Toby Keith plays the last night. So far, I have to give the vote to that "Putumayo" tent. People stand and watch those guys play, but little do they know that most of the music is fake. It's a "lip-sync" version of Central American music.
Why don't they just play for real?
I will return with more at the end of the fest.

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